I started this conceptual miniature photo series to create awareness. We are losing this planet quickly.

Every species is responsible for the perfect balance and we, human beings, are just messing with it. Ecological balance is like Jenga – you mess with one tile, and everything will fall apart.

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If you save trees, you save lives

It’s not too late. It’s an era of development, but we are killing our ecosystem. Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate. Soon we are going to end our planet. If you save trees, you save life.

We are taking homes away from animals

Due to overpopulation and deforestation at a massive rate, we are taking homes away from animals and forcing them to live in each other’s habitats. In nature, elephants and rhinos rarely cross each other paths, but when they do – only one of them survives. We need to stop deforestation to save this planet.

Wildlife is not for our amusement

It’s not cute, funny or exciting. We are taking homes and lives away from animals and when they try to protect their homes we just blame them. Wildlife is not for our amusement; they are here for their purpose. They are doing their part in saving this planet. Only we – human beings are being neglectful and destroy our planet. It’s not too late, so wake up and save wildlife to save our planet Earth.

Without them we are nothing

Don’t wait so long, they are leaving us so fast. It’s time to wake up. Save wildlife, save this planet. Without them we are nothing.

It’s a sad truth but we are trapped now