Here’s a tutorial on how to screw up your growing company. First, declare you’re recruiting. Then, after receiving a CV, find the applicant on social media. Proceed to scroll through their uploads and when you find something personal, use it as a reason to reject them. Now, the most important part: repost their content, publicly shaming them for whatever they choose to do in their free time and congratulations, now your organization can ride the moral high horse straight into oblivion.

If theory isn’t enough for you, here’s a case study where Kickass Masterminds nails every single step of the guide.

Here’s a screenshot of the company’s Instagram story, publicly shaming its applicant

The woman in the picture was shocked a company could do such a thing

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Immediately, people rallied to her defense

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Michaela Okland, the face behind the tweet that made this story viral, said she learned about the whole ordeal after the applicant, Emily Clow, submitted it to her. “I thought it was lame as fu*k,” Okland told Bored Panda. Her Twitter account @SheRatesDogs has over 358K followers and provides a loud voice to people who otherwise could be left unheard.

“Most people are super pissed off and supportive of Emily,” Okland said. “It was a shitty circumstance but the situation has gotten Emily some cool new job opportunities! I think the most bizarre part to this was that the company never addressed it or apologized, they’ve done literally everything except that. I don’t think that’s usual.”


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Things kept getting worse and worse

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And eventually the company made all of its social media accounts private


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However, this didn’t stop people from bashing them


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