An amusing little comic called ‘The Person Who Discovered Sharks’ took on a life of its own recently after the artist, Brooklyn-based Branson Reese, decided to have a little fun in the comments.

The comic itself is short and sweet, depicting a guy dipping into the sea only to be eaten by ‘smooth lions.’ We all know that means sharks, and some people were quick to point out that sharks aren’t actually smooth.

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Image credits: bransonreese

Rather than admit to a mistake (perhaps this was planned all along?) Branson decided to have a little fun and double down on his claims. No, it is you, veteran scuba diver, that is wrong!

The thread that followed makes for amusing reading as some people continued to try to convince Branson of the truth, while others just played along.

The exchange got almost 50k reactions on Twitter as more people engaged with Branson’s comments than with the comic itself. Maybe this could be a new angle for comic artists? Drop a subtle mistake in the comic and take to the comments to defend it?

What do you think? Is trolling ever really funny, even when it’s lighthearted and fun, like this? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Here’s what people had to say about the humorous thread