Are you ready for some more spice? We've prepared another batch of cheeky "A Slice of Alan" comics for those who want to have a little break from their dull routines. 

These comics stand out with their dark and raunchy humor that you can find in almost every illustration. The artist seems to have no filter in depicting his relationship as he also includes all the piquant details couples experience. Some situations might even be very familiar to you!

Scroll down and let these slice-of-life comics take your mind away from all the gloominess in the world.

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Like a lot of comic artists, Alan started off by making comics for his coworkers for fun. After getting positive reactions, the artist thought of posting them online and that's how "A Slice of Alan" was born!

As you might have guessed, the protagonist of Alan's comics is modeled after the artist himself. "My hair is a little different now but this is the me I am in the comics."

The artist also shared that he's a perfectionist, so for him, it can take from 4 hours to one day to finish one comic.

For those who are dreaming of becoming comic artists one day and making wild comics, Alan has a piece of advice for you! "If you yourself find it funny and great, then just make it! That's the most important thing!"

For more of Alan's works, check out Bored Panda's previous post here. Don't forget to visit "A Slice of Alan" Instagram page where the artist uploads new works every week!

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