…We’re all absolutely fine.

It was the first week of lockdown in the UK when I noticed that all of my male friends seemed to be shaving their heads. I couldn’t let it go without a cartoon, and so the first creature was born.

Over the following weeks and then months, I saw other creatures start to emerge. The sourdough and banana bread. The plant photos. The new puppy. The elaborate DIY projects.

I drew them all. Barely contained panic, haunted eyes, and a joyless determination to beat claustrophobic boredom.

Uncertainty, isolation, and a general existential dread have made us all quite strange. If you started your own podcast or nosedived into a jar of Nutella—no judgment. We’re all trying to get through it the best way we can. And we’re all absolutely fine… No, really, totally fine.

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#1 Despair cut

#2 Cooking up a storm

#3 Sudden wellness evangelist

#4 Zoom quizmaster

#5 Proud plant parent

#6 Climbing the walls

#7 Emergency pet

#8 Pod goals

#9 Going nuts