Have you ever thought of what your favorite comic character would look like if it was drawn by another cartoonist? Finish artist Jaako Seppala decided to take on a difficult challenge and draw 10 of his favorite comic characters in a style of 10 different  cartoonists.

His grid of comic characters features Asterix, Calvin, Donald Duck, Captain Haddock, Batman, Heimo Vesa, Corto Maltese, Moomintroll, Garfield, and Lucy drawn in the style of Uderzo, Watterson, Barks, Hergé, Adams, Jarla, Pratt, Jansson, Davis, and Schulz. The diagonal line depicts each character drawn in their native style.

Which style do you believe suits your favorite comic character the most?

More info: malinen.info (h/t: laughingsquid)