Influencer marketing is projected to become a $15 billion business in 2022. And people want a piece of that pie. Even if they’re not that influential. A few days ago, Reddit user edknarf shared the conversation they had with a typical choosing beggar, trying to pass off as an influencer. However, edknarf wasn’t born yesterday and gave them a reality check. I guess a 1,200 following isn’t that impressive when you’re demanding a $1,500 service for free. The nerve of some people…

Image credits: Marco Verch (not the actual photo)

What this particular person failed to realize was that brands often have specific, well-defined performance indicators. If companies choose to work with influencers, they are usually looking for those who can collaboratively find ways to meet the numbers using their social channels and individualized skill sets.

The point of a partnership is to have both partners on equal footing, offering up relatively equal value. Nobody wants to be exploited.

Of course, there are the so-called micro-influencers who are more than willing to create an Instagram story for a scoop of ice cream. And there’s nothing wrong with that if the company they contact think it’s a fair deal. However, if you’re demanding something that’s worth $1,500, you better have an offer that’s more than 1,200 followers.

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