Hi! my name is Marie and I began experimenting with analog (hand-cut) collages back in 2012.

It all started during a pretty traumatic period of a few years. collage was one of the few things that allowed me the ability to have fun and unwind when I felt like everything I cared about was gone. without going into the gory details, I felt like my life was seemingly crashing down around me.

I kept all the images I made in a scrapbook, which I rarely showed to anyone and for the most much kept hidden. it wasn’t until I was asked to participate in work presentation 2 years ago that I finally summed up the courage to show my work to anyone. afterwards, at the urging of a co-worker (who later bought several pieces), I approached a local Denver gallery who agreed to show my work. in the fall of 2015, I had my first gallery show at cabal enterprises in Denver, colorado, and life has been pretty sweet.

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hot potato

central hotel


men at work

barn door

bootie blast

ice box

nietzsche’s gallery

scenic sunday

solar flare




walrus beach


swimmin hole