I made these photos throughout 2014 and plan to continue on this project with more animals of different kinds – I’m thinking lions, wolves, apes, walruses and pretty much anything else. Pandas are of course the ultimate dream, so if anybody has a panda who wouldn’t mind if I photographed it, you can drop me a line where I live in Amsterdam!

It’s not easy working with animals, especially when trying to get them to do the three things I need for a photo (mouth closed, sitting still, looking at at the lens).

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McKayla Maroney’s spirit animal.


Owen, a young and very hyper Husky with heterochromic eyes.

The Sensei

Katsuo, the no-joking male Japanese Akita.


Can anyone suggest a better caption for this? I know how black cats are notoriously hard to photograph.


A rare blue-eyed Arabian horse. This photo is my personal favorite.

The Dictator

Gin, the wonderfully grumpy Persian cat.


Lissie, a nervous 10 month old Pug.


Maffalda, a Moroccan street dog turned into a loving pet.

The White Wizard

Avalon, the wise Swiss Shepherd.


Scott, the two year old husky ready for his duty.


Myra the West Highland Terrier with an attitude.


Kareem ,a stern and serious two year old Arabian horse.


Hurko, a deaf Dalmatian who responds to sign language.


Trisha, the diva.


And to top it off, a Bernese Mountain pup.

The Eldest Sibling

Four Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers.