In a world where the wealth gap is widening for more than 70% of the global population, people are becoming increasingly divided by income. And it all comes down to little things. What if refusing to clean your own house speaks volumes, but very differently depending on the dime you make?

This time, people on r/AskReddit are taking us on a valuable lesson on income inequality. You see, when someone asked “What's classy if you're rich but trashy if you're poor?” it was destined to resonate with many people out there.

The answers started flooding in, like “an old car being the most expensive thing you own” and “having a lawyer’s business card in your pocket.” We picked some of the most illuminating ones to reflect on down below.


The most expensive thing you own is a really old car.

chowderneck Report


Asking for money. When you're poor it's begging, when you're rich, it's a fundraiser

Woyaboy Report


If you are weird and rich people just call you eccentric, but if you are weird and poor people call you crazy.

-eDgAR- Report

Chances are, you have seen this “Classy If You're Rich, Trashy If You're Poor” question surfing around the internet before. It turns out, the question which basically points out the troubling reality of income inequality has been going viral on and off for the past five years, giving us a lot to think about.

On September 25th, 2015, "What's considered trashy if you're poor, but classy if you're rich?" was first posted to r/AskReddit by user u/GreenAndPride. Know Your Meme reports that before it was archived, the post gained over 13K points.

In 2016, on June 5th, the same question was posted to Reddit and Twitter again. It gained 10K points, 24K retweets, and 14K likes on both platforms. According to Know Your Meme, some top answers included “having someone else raise your kids," "day drinking," "moving to a foreign country," and "multiple cars in front of your house."

In July 2020, the question went viral again after Twitter user Ana Samways posted it on the platform. The top replies included "speaking two languages” and "marrying a second cousin."


Having other people raise your kids.

[deleted] Report


Police escorts

deenali Report


Having fake teeth.

I see so many celebrities with those fake ass implants that are going to destroy their jaw bones in a decade, but have a legitimate dental problem that results in missing teeth and you can't even get a job anymore, oh and dental insurance doesn't usually cover it either because it's considered cosmetic. Like getting to chew your food is somehow a style choice.

Jurgrady Report


Getting money from the government.

audguy Report


Rich guy buys fast food: "He's just like us!"

Poor guy buys fast food: "He should really make better choices."

DGBD Report


Dressing provocatively. When you're rich it's a fashion statement, when you're poor you're a working girl

dqrst3 Report


Being on a first name basis with a judge

tamupatriot Report


Having a wedding in your yard.

MW_Pravity Report


Biggest thing is leisure spending, imo. Somehow a billionaire wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on shit she doesn’t need and will use once is considered cool, but a poor person saving up and buying a nice purse or bottle of booze is seen as wasteful

Steampunk_Batman Report


Substance abuse. Rich people are ‘troubled’ whereas poor people are just junkies

Cocobean4 Report


Stealing from the middle class

BenButteryMalesGhazi Report


Having a barren house. If you're rich, it's called minimalism. If you're poor, it's not being able to afford furniture.

SirAlthalos Report


Being really into wine

zalfenior Report


Rich people collect. Poor people hoard.

captain_cavewoman Report


Living at a hotel

Itskevin91 Report


Walking around all day in a bathrobe.

OTBT Report


Having a lawyer's business card in your wallet.

splonkFloope Report


Wearing “vintage” clothing instead of hand-me-downs

citizenfaith01 Report


Wearing hoodies/sweats/gym wear to work.. Especially in Tech.

sexapotamus Report


Trying to avoid paying taxes

jesuschin Report

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Having many many pets.

francisbaconcantdraw Report


Having a big screen TV. I’ve had to do home visits with people often and they ALWAYS get so mad that these poor families would have one.

GrandioseOtiose Report


Cheese as a meal

Corbelling Report


Making your own booze

Goodlittlewitch Report


Having multiple kids with multiple partners

culturedhoe Report


Not cleaning your own house

Johnnadawearsglasses Report


Going to the horse races

Stizz83 Report

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