Recently, architect/designer Hubert Roguski created a series of city map posters in Retro style and, we must say, it’s stunning!

“I was fascinated about color sets in posters from 60s and 70s.” – said Roguski. “I knew I have to incorporate this in my new design. I started researching patterns that will go well with the colors and Retro theme.” Great detail, cool patterns and well picket retro palette of colors, all these thing are in his art work. Take a look below and see the posters for yourselves!

Impressed yet? We certainly are.

More info:

New York Retro Map Poster

Toronto Retro Map Poster

Amsterdam Retro Map Poster

Boston Retro Map Poster

Chicago Retro Map Poster

New Orleans Retro Map Poster

Paris Retro Map Poster