Club Geluk is an Amsterdam based textiles label. We are known for our weird knits and designs and write knit books. And we love ugly (Christmas) sweaters! Last year we published a book about it, Club Geluk & the fantastic sweaters (Club Geluk & de fantastische truien), and this year we decided to make tiny bad sweaters as Christmas tree decoration. I know it’s early, but knitting takes times and the ugly sweater holiday is coming!

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I have made a tiny reindeer sweater of Bridget Jones’s Mark Darcy (the mother of all ugly Christmas sweaters), one colored Christmas lights (as seen on Stranger Things), a jumper with food (the tiny version of the one in our knit book), a traditional sweater with a Christmas tree, one wrapped with a gift, one with a Nordic design and last but not least a jumper with a snowman.

Do you want to make them too? Go to our website ( and download the free pattern for our basic tiny Christmas sweater and make lots with your own design for your tree!

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Ugly mini sweaters in your Christmas tree

Mark Darcy’s mini reindeer jumper

Mini jumper with Christmas tree

Snowman mini sweater

Mini sweater with Christmas lights

Mini dinner jumper

Tiny nordic sweater

Mini sweater wrapped as a gift