Christmas is, definitely, a hectic time. Especially for those who forget or postpone buying gifts until the very last second. Then they ought to rush to the closest store and try to whip up a good gift as fast as possible. That, unfortunately, can lead to quite a big mess. It’s all right if the person cleans up after themselves, however that is an extremely rare case.

Cassie Wade from Nashville, Tennessee posted an eye-opening series of pictures that showed how awful some stores look during the holiday season. The photographs showcased the results of many people rummaging through the items, although at first look you might think that a tornado struck the stores in question.

One woman recently came across a total mess caused by Christmas shoppers

And she immediately took to Facebook to show it to the world

In her Facebook message, the woman also focused on how terrible this time is for the retail workers. Not only do they need to clean up all the messes made by customers, they also have to endure people being rude, as Wade witnessed. She used her social media platform to not only call out people for their questionable actions, but to also urge people to treat the retail workers with human decency.

People who responded to Wade’s post were horrified by the images showcasing the mess, and shared their sentiments on being kind to retail workers. One person even suggested buying them various gift cards, like Starbucks, as a way to offer something back during one of the most difficult times of the retail year.

It’s no secret that the holiday season is extremely stressful for retail workers, who not only have a risk of missing out on Christmas dinner with their family, but also have to deal with an insane amount of stress during holidays. Not only is there an influx of people who can cause all sorts of damage, but the need to get the best gift and the best deal can truly bring out the worst in people.

Here’s how people responded to the images