Christmas ad campaigns have become a part of the culture in the UK. Each year certain businesses come out with ever more complex and expensive productions that people eagerly await, to talk over with their families, and be inspired by.

There seems to have been a certain backlash just lately, however. Some people think that something is not right when a company can lavish millions of dollars on a celebrity-studded ad, while regular folk are struggling to make ends meet. This simple, yet incredibly powerful short film by Phil Beastall has gone viral because of its personal message, showing that Christmas isn’t about flashy corporatism, but family and the unexpected best gifts, is something significant.

This short Christmas movie cost just £50 to make and was made as a Christmas film back in 2014. Phil decided to share it again on his Facebook page on the back of this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad, starring Elton John. “I love making films and telling stories, and I decided back in 2014 I wanted to create a short film that would resonate with people, Phil told Bored Panda. “Ultimately, I wanted people to take a moment to realize how lucky we are to be here and remind themselves that although life can be really tough, we’re not defined by our careers or materialism. Family and true love come first, and it’s important we look after each other. So although it’s not a true story, it’s one I hope hits home.”

“The reaction has blown me away. Seeing as it didn’t really go very far in 2014, I presumed the same would happen this year. But within a few days, we were into the millions of views. I have received so many positive comments from people saying how beautiful they think the film is. Its been shared over 150,000 times, and it’s that stat that means the most to me. The fact that people are taking the time not only to watch my film but share it with their friends and family. I’ve been making videos and films for over ten years, and I would love to partner with leading brands to help tell their story with emotive films.”

The story in this video is truly touching

Overwhelmed by the response Phil Beastall posted a video with a comment “Hey, just a quick message to say thanks for all the amazing comments. It feels so surreal, and like I’m living in a dream at the moment. It means a lot to me that people are taking the time to share my little film. (Maybe I should stick to sitting behind the camera)”

People were really moved by the short film