In a perfect world, both businesses and their clients would work together to complete a meaningful transaction. But we don’t live in a perfect world and workshop owner Abs Delfuego knows this firsthand. Recently, he had to endure a terrible encounter with a choosing beggar, who used every trick in the book to try and bully Abs into processing his order faster.

Workshop owner Abs Delfuego deals with unreasonable clients “every second day”

Image credits: speedoglyn1 (not the actual photo)

But his encounter with this ‘choosing beggar’ was something else

“I’m an engineer by trade but I own a small workshop, building custom arcade machines and stuff, especially for the disabled,” Delfuego told Bored Panda.

“Mark is the general manager of a company that contracts me to build stuff for the disabled community. They rebrand them and sell them.”

Later, the before mentioned contractor Mark contacted Abs to investigate the situation

“I get unreasonable clients on average every second day,” Delfuego added. The best way to deal with them, in my opinion, is to be polite but ruthless, not petty.”

Afterward, the same person came back to apologize, however, it became clear that they haven’t learned their lesson

Abs believes that you can do stuff like this only if you run your own business. He said he’d never engage someone like his working for someone. Getting a lot of business (on any day there are at least 20-30 queries), he has been through 3 customer service people in the last year. Ha handles communications himself now. “I always start politely. But once they come across as entitled or arrogant. I shut them down. I’m busy enough with nice customers so I don’t need these jerks.”

If you want to learn more about Delfuego’s work, check out his YouTube page!