The fact that you’re willing to pay a person for their services doesn’t give you full control over their lives. After all, it is a transaction. Both parties have to agree on its terms. And while this sounds like basic logic to most of us, some people simply don’t get it. Like this choosing beggar. After spotting their manicurist at a grocery store after hours, they got furious because… the nail technician chose family instead of making an appointment.

Image credits: Simon O’Neill (not the actual photo)

Posted on the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit, this exchange has accumulated nearly 40k upvotes in less than a day. I guess, people know a good comeback when they see it. Even if it’s a bit harsh.

Whether deserved or not, highly entitled people are known to be less concerned about what is socially acceptable or beneficial. Researchers at Harvard and Cornell whose studies of 99 undergraduates and 98 MBA candidates yielded another interesting finding: Entitled people don’t follow instructions, because they see them as unfair. “They would rather take a loss themselves than agree to something unfair,” said the authors.

“When people feel entitled, they want to be different from others,” Jane Adams Ph.D. wrote for Psychology Today. “But just as frequently they come across as indifferent to others. That’s why they often provoke such negative responses in those they encounter, especially those they don’t personally know.”

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