Ever wanted Benedict Cumberbatch for Christmas? Well, you can’t. But if you want him for Easter then you just might be in luck thanks to the unique creation of a Brighton-based chocolatier.

Jen Lindsey-Clark, otherwise known as The Chocolatician, has created what Benedict Cumberbatch fans have only been able to dream of until now: a 400g chocolate Easter bunny with Mr. Cumberbatch’s head attached.

Known as the ‘Chocobatch’ or the ‘Cumberbunny’, these rabbit/Cumberbatch hybrids are available in white, milk and dark chocolate, and each one comes with an edible 22 carat gold bow-tie and lustre dust. They don’t go cheap (that’ll be the Easter chick! Sorry), but the £50 price tag is a small price to pay for a bite of the Sherlock star. Whether you’re a Cumberfan or not, there’s no denying that Mr. Cumberbatch is nothing if not versatile.

More info: The Chocolatician | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: Nerdist)