We all want to show the world only our best sides. And living in the 21st century has made that easier than ever. Just think about it – you can pick up your phone at any time, snap a random pic or whatever, play around a little bit with various face tune filters (don’t even try saying you don’t care about those beauties from Instagram that make everything hundred times better), smash a beauty filter on and voila, what a beauty. Who cares if it doesn’t even resemble you anymore?

Well, apparently some people did care about the video filters this Internet-famous lady used and were completely in shock when they found out the ugly truth about her age. Scroll down for more info!

This young Chinese streamer was known as Your Highness Qiaobiluo on DouYu


The Internet personality had a following of 130,000 on the Chinese social media platform DouYu, and lots of them were dying to find out more about their beloved streamer, who promised to meet them in real life after getting 100,000 yuan ($14,500) in donations, and the money started pouring in.

Until a recent accident where her beauty filters failed and revealed her true age

But apparently, no secret can stay secret in this age of technology, and the fans didn’t have to wait and meet her in real life to see her true face. It was all revealed when a beautifying video filter glitched mid-stream, exposing her real face. After the incident, it came to light that the streamer is actually a 58-year-old lady who just really enjoys playing Apex Legends.

Shocking both her co-host and her viewers

When the image covering her face dropped, her co-host Qingzi was confused about what’s going on, to say the least, but hesitated to say anything, so the conversation continued awkwardly. Her fans were the ones to take action, though. Many of them, especially men, unfollowed her immediately and withdrew their donations.

She confessed afterwards it was done deliberately to boost traffic

Qiaobiluo Dianxia had photos uploaded to the social media website that were heavily edited and perfected with beauty filters. She later admitted to having done it on purpose. Despite this hoax, her following quickly recovered and kept growing. She now has 650,000 followers, and the number is still growing.

The Internet sure had a lot to say about this hilarious mishappening