Internet users seem to celebrate animals with unique features, especially cats. From the late Grumpy Cat to Lil Bub, it seems like our culture is fascinated with faces that stand out in the crowd. But what happens if it's two faces that are equally unique? Well, Venus the Two-Faced Cat shows that people are just as mesmerized by the Gemini-like cats.

Turns out, Venus' condition isn't that rare (or maybe it's just easier to spot these unique creatures with the help of the internet). A couple of years ago, we were all in awe when looking at the photos of Quimera. And it seems like she's thriving!

With nearly 100k followers on Instagram, this two-faced kitty draws the attention of the masses with her charming features!

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As the cat's name suggests, the reason for her unique appearance is likely because of genetic chimerism. This phenomenon occurs when one organism is composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. It can occur in animal species as well as plants and even some humans! A chimera is derived from two or more zygotes and it can result in a mixed appearance (e.g. kitties like Venus and Quimera, or roses that are split into 2 colors).

Quimera's unique coloring may as well be derived from extreme luck and simply be a very unique case of mosaicism. In this case, there is only one individual egg that just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. This condition is much more common in cats than chimerism, however, it usually doesn't result in such a distinctly split two-face appearance and is very random. In the end, only a DNA test can confirm the former or the latter.

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