My name is Julie McGann and I am an award-winning creative photographer and digital artist based in Rochester, NY that brings children’s imagination to life worldwide through Illustrative Portraiture. Part painting, part photograph, my whimsical creations have captivated families across the globe. I am infamous for my ability to turn ordinary personal photos into extraordinary imaginary masterpieces.

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My signature style is Children’s Dream Pet Portraits. My specially commissioned creations are custom made to each child’s imaginary vision. The possibilities are endless! After identifying your child’s dream pet, the pet’s name and what they would like to do with that pet (and I mean absolutely anything!), I will deliver an idea sure to capture the essence of your child’s wonderfully vivid imagination. Who says your child can’t have a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex named Rita so your child can brush her purple sparkly hair?! Not me…that’s for sure! I hope to make ALL their dreams come true!

The best part is… ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN HAVE A PORTRAIT CREATED because I can create magic with your personal photos!

More info: Julien McGann | Facebook

Miss G’s Giraffe

This little girl loves Fancy Nancy. She wanted a pet baby giraffe that she could walk on a leash Fancy Nancy style!

Tyrannosaurus Rita’s New Purple Hair

This little girl absolutely LOVES dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex! It was this girl’s dream to own a pet T-Rex named Rita, who had long sparkly purple hair that she could brush…because having purple hair would just be the coolest thing in the world!

Red Knit Cap Girl and White Bunny

This little girl’s absolute favorite story is Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue by Naoko Stoop. She really loves the part when Red Knit Cap Girl and White Bunny fly to rescue Polar Bear Cub. She really wanted to fly just like them…

Good Night Moon

The Mother of this tiny little 6 month old baby girl absolutely loves Beatrix Potter and Good Night Moon. So, I created this portrait, which is a combination of both stories.

Mr. Ketchup & Me

This toddler absolutely LOVES ketchup. If a bottle of ketchup could be her dream pet, it would most definitely be her best friend! So I created a picture of her with her new best friend, Mr. Ketchup, doing what she loves best…playing helicopter!

Mary had a Little Lamb

This picture is a combination of the little girl’s love for Mary had a Little Lamb and the Mother’s love of Little House on the Prairie.

Dreaming of Barney

Recently, Barney, the beloved dog of these two children passed away. They missed him so much that they wanted to create a picture in memory of him. So, I asked them, if they could spend one more day with Barney, what would they want to do with him and it could be anything! This is what they came up with. The double rainbow symbolizes two wishes coming true.

Fishing Portrait

Little boy loves to come fish in my pretend pond.

Afternoon Tea

Although my specialty is children’s dream pet portraits, I also create portraits for your pets with dream scenes. This request came from a pet owner! She really wanted to have a portrait of her dogs having an elegant tea party. She pictured a Victorian style Old English outdoor tea party, complete with chandelier hanging from the tree and fancy hats.