I produced this work in August 2014 in an effort to empower children born of rape and women survivors of sexual violence and to promote peace. For years, the city of Goma, in the Democratic republic of the Congo, witnessed horrific war crimes and sexual violence against children, women and sometimes men. All these people were used as a weapon of war.

In the recent years, more and more local initiatives and international programs have been developed to help survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence during war to reintegrate to the society and take their life back in control.

In this series of pictures, you will discover the life of Esther, a little girl born of rape, going through all the big milestones of her life: her birth, her first steps, her first day at school, her wedding.

All the children you see on the pictures are born of rape…all the women have been involved in sexual abuse. They are no longer victims. They are beautiful survivors who want the world to look at them as such!

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Look at me I am beautiful