“Hi :)

I work on a crazy pohotproject with my boyfriend and we need your help. Can we borrow your furniture for an hour? :D

I know it sounds a bit weird :D , but we are going to take pictures of rooms of our imaginary dream home in the most significant places in Europe. We started in Slovakia, Budapest-Hungary was the second one, then Ljubljana, Venice, Verona , Nice, Saint Tropez now we are in Marseille…:)

We need your participation and help . :)

we need to borrow your furniture for the photo…(I mean like anything… lamp, couch, chair, ….

This photo-project represents a story about love, that it doesn´t matter where we live as long as we live together… :)

The reason? We are going to set up an exhibition afterwards, with the best (home with you) photographies .

All the proceeds from sells will be dedicated to establish a foundation to help young couples to find a place to start living together.

Thank you for any help :)”

– this was the exact text we´ve sent to many people on couchsurfing in order to find some help for our photoproject. And we did. :)

The photoproject took only one month thanks to perfect people we found who were willing to lend their furniture to us for few hours.

Sometimes we´ve just used old furniture that we´ve found on the streets. (you don´t need to buy new things in order to live happily :) )

It was fun, because we never knew what stuff we’ll find and who was going to take the picture. They were taken by random people passing by, so everybody kept asking what was going on…


Ljublana-Slovenia-our guests

Venice-Italy-laundry day

Verona-Italy-good morning

Saint Tropez-France-deserted island


Brussels-Belgium-money laundering

Berlin-Germany-Eastern side of Berlin wall

Dresden-Germany-dish washing

Prague-Czech republic-celebration dinner