One of the most frustrating aspects of modern society is the way that we allow the loudest, most aggressive and least intelligent people to dominate public discourse. The phrase ’empty minds make the most noise’ has never rung truer, and the sooner we stop giving arrogant, blustering and clueless people airtime, the better it’s going to be for all of us.

Because stupid-yet-entitled people are impossible to reason with. No matter how calmly and logically you explain things to them, their misplaced sense of superiority doesn’t allow them to listen. Facts, truth and common sense become irrelevant in the face of strength, power and confirmation bias. Welcome to the post-truth world!

Image credits: Thabizolo (not the actual photo)

This post, shared by engineer and workshop owner Abs Delfuego, is a perfect example of how frustrating it can be to try to deal with someone who just can’t get off their high horse. He had gone out of his way to build some arcade machines for a charity on credit, allowing them to pay them off with 10% of the takings each month. It was a great deal for all involved until Amber arrived on the scene.

Abs gave a short disclaimer on Reddit to clarify some things

“I took the machines away in the end,” Abs told Bored Panda. “I got a call from the director as these were making them $2k weekly. She refused to apologize so she was demoted to fundraising.”

“Despite this experience, I won’t hesitate to keep helping out with other charities. I don’t regret this one as Sebastian, the previous guy was awesome. Amber ruined it.”

In the end, even though Amber refused to back down and apologize, Abs figured that her demotion was punishment enough, and the charity should not suffer because of the actions of one bad apple. “I did decide to build them 3 new machines, as I gave their 3 to another charity after rebranding them,” he explained. “The directors were very embarrassed and apologetic about everything.”

Here’s what people had to say about the unsavory incident