Apparently there is a National Food Day every single day of the year. National Spaghetti Day is Jan 1st, and National Bagels and Lox day is Feb 9th and National Potato Chip Day is March 14th. The list goes on for the 365 days of the year.

Since cotton is easy to care for and wash clean, DDB decided to combine food & fashion in our latest campaign for Cotton Inc, making it possible for people to celebrate every day of the year in style.

For each photo we worked with food stylist Michelle Gatton and clothing stylist Alison Lewisand, turning food into accessories and clothes. The photos were then captured by the talented Jimmy Marble.

We turned the photographs into a wall calendar and posters, and are posting them on Cotton’s social channels throughout the year. On you can learn all about how to #unstainyourstyle.


More info:

Banana Split Day

Cereal Day

Cheese Ball Day

Cotton Candy Day

Dessert Day

Doughnut Day

Agency: DDB NYC

Client: Cotton Inc

Creatives: Hedvig Astrom, Tino Barreiro, Bruno Oppido, Cassandra Anderson & Marilyn Cam.