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I Create Whimsical Vessels Inspired By Egyptian Canopic Jars To Raise Awareness Of Animals
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Art3 years ago

I Create Whimsical Vessels Inspired By Egyptian Canopic Jars To Raise Awareness Of Animals

I’m a Toronto based interior designer turned ceramic artist. While taking my minor in Ceramics, I received an assignment to create a lidded object from the throwing wheel. With love for animals and drawing inspiration from history, I decided to create Egyptian Canopic Jars.

Combining techniques of throwing, slipcasting, and hand building, the Canopic Jar series was born. At first, it was simply bears, bunnies, and foxes, but later I focused on endangered animals at risk of extinction as well as little known animals so I could share and spread stories about these special species.

I want to let others know commonly seen animals like the polar bears and koalas are actually at risk of being endangered, so I also handwrite the name of the animal as well as its Conservation Status by the IUCN at the bottom of the jars.

I am also a color enthusiast. The color of the jars is from staining the clay using a mix of different colors. I would preform color tests meticulously before creating a large batch of colors. For easy identification, I name my colors after Benjamin Moore Paint colors.

Since each jar is sculpted by hand, and colors are created in small batches, each combination of animal/color is very limited and will very unlikely be repeated. It is also difficult to produce a large number – so each time it is available for purchase, there are few in quantity!

More info: | Instagram

Koala Jar in Stratford Blue

Koalas in Stratford Blue and Antique Rose

Three kinds of Reindeer in Antique Rose, Gray Wisp, and Stratford Blue

Asiatic Elephants in Henderson Buff, Antique Rose,and Stratford Blue

Glazed interior of the Antique Rose Asian Elephant Jar

Javan Pangolin in Henderson Buff

Large Polar Bear Jar (with a regular sized jar for comparison)

Engraved name and IUCN Status on the bottom of the jar


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