Since the devastating fires began blazing through Australia, people all over the world hoped for the rain to finally start pouring. At last, the long-lasting drought season came to an end. After the bushfires claimed 18 million hectares of land, taking the lives of one billion animals and several dozen humans, the rain came to the aid. However, it soon turned into another disaster.

Life-threatening super cell storm has dumped 300mm of rain on Queensland, Australia

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When it rains in Australia it pours. With rain being absent since September, a sudden rainfall flooded some parts of the country.

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Just overnight Queensland was swamped with a month’s worth, 300mm, of torrential rain.

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Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe storm warning after rainfall from mega cell drenched the state, calling it ‘dangerous and life threatening’.

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The police received 50 reports of flooded roads across the Gold Coast which was hit the hardest.

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With so many roads being completely cut off, many people were left stranded.

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Emergency crews had to save two people who tried to drive through floodwater.

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Qld Fire and Emergency Services warned people that fast-moving water can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous, they wrote on Twitter: “If it’s flooded, forget it”. The services also warned the public to beware of fallen trees and power lines.

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Currently, there are1500 firefights who are working hard to contain the fires in Australia. Since the rain started pouring the number of bushfires went from 85 to 69.

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