Most of us probably wake up in the morning and wish we looked like celebrities every now and then, but for British drag queen and makeup artist Elliot Joseph Rentz, AKA Alexis Stone, that dream becomes a reality whenever he pleases.

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The Manchester-based, Brighton-born entertainer has the incredible ability to turn himself into any star one could think of, and he does it so well that it almost looks Photoshopped. It all started back in June, when the already insta-famous Stone used strategic contouring and a whole lot of highlighting to appear as fellow 'MUA' NikkieTutorials, a stunt that racked up more than 32 thousand likes and confused pretty much the entire Internet. Since then, he's successfully portrayed everyone from Michael Jackson to Queen Elizabeth, and shows no signs of slowing his roll.

Scroll down to be wowed, and be sure to vote for the transformations that truly blew your mind.

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This is Elliot Joseph Rentz, AKA Alexis Stone, a drag queen who can transform into any celebrity - scroll down to see!


#1 Cher


thealexisstone Report

Nancy E 7 months ago

This is really accurate !

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#2 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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Caroline Huot 7 months ago

CRAZY!! It's not just the makeup, either... it's the expression! Spot on!!

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#3 Ellen


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UniversalMel 7 months ago

Omg yeees

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#4 Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

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Beaver-Moose 7 months ago


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#6 Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

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Linda Matheny 7 months ago

He looks better than Donatello. Her plastic surgery made her look like a freak.

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#7 Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

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Amy Ferguson 7 months ago

The lips... the enormous lips! Incredible job!

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#9 Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks

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CBN2143 7 months ago

WOW! 0_0

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#10 Madonna


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Monia Monika 7 months ago

Too much bronzer, but... nice one

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