What do TV personality Kim Kardashian, fashion designer Tan France, and models Chrissy Teigen and Andreja Pejic have in common? Recently, these famous people surprised their followers by posting pictures with freaky body modifications. And they all did it for the same reason.

Recent Instagram fashion trends, like squiggly lips or feather brows, might give you an impression that the future of beauty is wild and unpredictable. But if you could change your body image as easily as you change your clothes, would you? That’s precisely the question that A. Human, an experimental immersive theatrical experience, is asking, and these celebrities are showcasing examples of what the visitors will see.

A. Human, conceived by Simon Huck, is opening at 48 Mercer Street, New York City on September 5. The interactive event uses set design, technology, prosthetics, special effects makeup, live actors and more to blur the gap between reality and fantasy while asking questions about self-expression.

“We didn’t want to root any of our body mods on the idea of existing insecurities or discomforts,” Simon Huck told VOGUE. “A. Human is about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world in any way you choose.”

This futuristic take on the world looks worthy of a sci-fi movie. The visitors will be offered to swap their shoes for a conch-shell-like permanent heel or have new DNA-mirrored hearts created and implanted for them. And while people on the internet can’t decide if these mods and SFX makeup looks are creepy or cool, Huck reminds us of the positive nature of the event. “When you think of the future, you think dark, dystopian—there are all these images that come to mind. I didn’t want to create a utopian world, but I definitely wanted to create a world that was optimistic or, at the bare minimum, neutral,” he said. Scroll down to check out the body outfits and tell us what you think about them in the comments.

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Recently, celebrities started posting pictures of their new ‘implants’ on social media

Image credits: kimkardashiansnap

Chrissy Teigen, for example, showed feathers emerging from under her chest

Image credits: chrissyteigen

While Kim Kardashian rocked an alien-like choker

Image credits: kimkardashiansnap

According to her, it even glows in the dark and mimics her heartbeat

All of these creepy body modifications were part of a promotion for an upcoming experimental theatrical experience, A.Human

Image credits: tanfrance

A. Human is about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world in any way you choose”

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The even is interested in asking people whether or not they would change their body as easily as they change their clothes

Image credits: ahuman

The fake ‘implant’ look is not new, though, and has been showcased before. But never in this magnitude

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Image credits: dulcie.m.makeupfx

Image credits: dulcie.m.makeupfx

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