It is always nice to find a hidden stash of various old pictures from your childhood. Oftentimes though, with a couple of teeth missing, a pound or two of baby weight, and a quirky hairdo, we can barely recognize ourselves in those vintage photos. Us being regular people, the old images sporting all the things listed above are no surprise, but if you’ve ever wondered whether the Hollywood stars were immune to looking silly in their snaps, we had compiled a list of celebrity childhood photos up the mystery.

We are so attached to particular images of some famous celebrities that seeing the same celebrities as kids leave us surprised to find out they were once young, too. And though some of the famous people looked as pristine in their young days as they do now, the others were undoubtedly ugly ducklings and not the most popular kids in their high schools.

Scroll down to see our collection of pictures showing celebrities when they were young below. Most of them didn’t even know at the time that the fate of being famous actors awaits in the near future.

Eminem Aged 12

Steve Jobs Aged 18

Amy Winehouse Aged 8

Sean Connery Aged 23

Lady Gaga Aged 8

George Clooney Aged 15

Angelina Jolie Aged 11

Charlize Theron Aged 14

Clint Eastwood Aged 26

Stephen Colbert Aged 22

Britney Spears Aged 11

Michael Stipe Aged 21

Leonardo DiCaprio Aged 16

Christopher Walken Aged 22

Drew Carrey Aged 22

Helen Mirren Aged 25

Jamie Foxx Aged 17

Beyonce Aged 7

Goldie Hawn Aged 19

Bruce Willis Aged 22

Ryan Seacrest Aged 13

Madonna Aged 7