Probably, we all agree that one should treat a cat like a queen or king or dire consequences might follow. These graceful creatures have been highly appreciated since ancient Egyptian times (if not earlier), not without a reason, and Galina Bugaevskaya, a talented digital creator, is well aware of that.

Galina recreates classical paintings depicting a person of high ranking by replacing him or her with a cat. In this way, she highlights all the magnificence that these animals carry.

The artist shared with Bored Panda that she accepts orders for personal pictures with subscribers' cats. "They write to me: 'make a queen or a princess out of my beloved cat!' And, of course, I do everything to make it happen. I like to think that my pictures will hang on someone's wall. In the USA, Germany, Australia, or maybe Indonesia? Or Japan? It's very nice to think about it."

You might have heard about Galina from her funny images of random objects with a cat's face on them. If you haven't seen those works, you can check them out hereherehere and here

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Galina has revealed that it all started with funny pictures she would photoshop for her friends. After some time, she decided to try to create an Instagram page for her creations. "For about a year I just posted new pictures almost without attention, and then there was an explosion of subscriptions! I was so happy and excited that people all over the world liked my pictures!"

We asked Galina why she chose cats as an inspiration for her work. The artist replied that she loves cats! She added that her mother as well as her grandmother had cats: "I grew up among cats since childhood. And of course, I also have a cat named Uma, she is a white Persian."

Galina shared her happiness that so many people around the globe sometimes visit her page, laugh at her pictures and write nice comments. "I like to please people so much! There is too much stress and negativity in the world – I'm trying to create a quiet little corner on the internet where you can just distract yourself from bad thoughts."

The artist shared that when she was just starting to make pictures, it took her about 30 to 60 minutes to create one image. "It used to take me a lot of time to choose a picture and then to work on it. Then, when I got more experience, the work accelerated – about 20 minutes, on average. Now, years later, I have learned more complex techniques, and my pictures have become more realistic. These days I again spend about 30-40 minutes working to reach the level that would suit me."

At the moment, Galina is learning English and dreams of someday going to another country with her girlfriend. "We want to find a place that we can truly call home. We really admire Australia and two of our wonderful friends live there (Hi Aron and Ricky!). I hope to greet them in person someday. And also visit all the countries where my wonderful subscribers live anywhere in the world. Perhaps someone from Bored Panda readers needs a remote employee with Photoshop skills like mine? It would help me to bring my dream a little closer."

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