The cuteness of cats is an endless topic, agreed? And how else could it be when their adorableness is infinite. Just think about their cute sleepy faces, childish curiosity when they explore the same places over and over again and hilarious reactions when you try to put some piece of clothing on them.

This Scottish fold cats trio consisting of the tabby Nyaa, the white fluff Mar, the ginger youngster Mugi are used to it though, as their owner Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki with his wife Hiromi came up with a creative way to deal with the shedded fur the cats leave all around the house, turning into a hobby of making adorable tiny hats for them using their own shed fur. We featured it here at Bored Panda a while ago, but just take a look at how much their creations improved!

The couple has an Instagram account dedicated to their furry friends, where they pose with the adorable hats as well. Anything from the Viking helmet, pilot's hat or even Trump's toupee, you name it - the possibilities are endless and so is the pair's creativity.

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