Do you think you have the weirdest cat in the world? It turns out most people do, and they’re both right and wrong. Namely, cats’ weird habits are pretty similar no matter where you go. Someone on Twitter asked people to share the strangest things their cats do, and you can probably guess that the answers involve a lot of theft, knocking things over, turning on faucets and staring ominously.

Take a look at some of the mischief and destruction other people’s cats get up to, and comment with your own below!

Why are cats so fascinated with all the fixtures in the bathroom? Vets suggest that this might come from their wild instincts—still water in the great outdoors isn’t so fresh, and drinking from a bowl in a corner or up against a wall might feel like a vulnerable position. The flowing water that comes out of the sink or shower is simply more appealing for both of those reasons. There’s no wild explanation for why they like to use sinks as beds, but a sink is perfectly cat-sized and the porcelain might feel fresh and cool in hot weather.

If your cat is using inappropriate places as a toilet, though, there are several explanations. The first thing to try is always to take them to the vet for urine and blood analysis, because they could be acting out to show that they don't feel well.

If they have a clean bill of health, the problem could be that the litter box is not clean enough (in addition to frequent scooping, the box itself should be scrubbed out once a week,) in an inconvenient place (upstairs or downstairs, in a room that the cat finds unpleasant, or near their food,) or too small. If you have more than one cat, there could be a bullying situation preventing one from using the litter box, in which case the solution is to provide more boxes.

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