There’s nothing like the love of your life getting ‘stolen’ by your cat to make you a star on the internet. A couple from Thailand is going viral on social media after wife Nasrin Hami posted a series of wholesome photos that show just how possessive of her husband their gorgeous feline can be!

After getting noticed by the Super Cats Facebook page, Nasrin’s photos went viral and got tens of thousands of likes. Scroll down, check out the heartwarming pictures of Jarvis the Scottish Fold cat, and have a look at what pure love looks like. Remember to upvote your fave pictures and share photos of your own lovebug cats if you want to in the comments, dear Pandas. Bored Panda's spoke about Jarvis and what he's like with owner Nasrin, so be sure to read for our full interview.

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Nasrin told Bored Panda that Jarvis only east cat food and never, ever tried human food. Not even fish! "Jarvis is a good cat. He likes to sleep, watch the birds at the window, and play with my husband," she shared with us some of her cat's favorite activities.

"Jarvis he always loving and affectionate with my husband and he acts the same way with me and is friendly with everyone who visits our home," Nasrin shared just how wholesome the cat acts. She added that part of the internet thinks that Jarvis is female; she confirmed that Jarvis is, in fact, male.

Jarvis the cat celebrated his 6th birthday on April 23, so he’s been together with his owners for a long, long time.

Owner Nasrin mentions on her Facebook page Baan Nee Tong Mee Meow that Jarvis is not for sale—and with the recent popularity he’s been getting, we’re sure that even more people would be willing to snatch up the cuddly lovebug if only they could.

The cat spends lots of his time snuggling up to Nasrin’s husband, laying on top of him, cuddling him, and doing whatever he can to be as close to him as possible. Jarvis also follows him whenever he goes into the kitchen (we’re sure it’s not just good company but also food that he wants!).

Meanwhile, whenever Nasrin’s husband sits down to eat, Jarvis will cozy up to him and even lay a paw on him, showing not just ownership but also affection.

Scottish Fold cats are great household pets to have. They’re very good-natured and get along with any other pets you might have extremely well. They also get very attached to their owners and are very affectionate and playful.

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