A cat thief is on the loose in Metairie, Louisiana. But I’m not talking about someone who is stealing cats. It’s the cat who’s doing the stealing.

During the quarantine, Heather Bardi’s family cat Admiral Galacticat got a little tired of his owners being around the house all the time, so he started asking his humans to let him out. Heather complied.

But soon, something funny started happening. The more Admiral Galacticat stayed outside, the more clothing appeared on the Bardi’s front porch. Underwear, tank tops, you name it. Eventually, the woman started wondering whether the cat has had something to do with it. Looking for answers, Heather checked the security cam footage and wouldn’t you know it, Admiral Galacticat was bringing home people’s laundry.

Heather decided to get the items back to their rightful owners, so she posted pics of all the evidence in a local Facebook group and explained how the culprit is organizing the entire operation. The hilarious story perfectly proves just how independent cats really are and that the washing machine or the dryer isn’t necessarily guilty when your socks go missing.

Heather also posted pics of all the evidence

“I thought like somebody was messing with me,” Heather Bardi told WWL. “We just thought alright maybe someone got drunk and had clothes and had some kind of issue. [But] it keeps happening and happening and happening.”

After they got a little concerned, Heather and her partner even filed a police report. “We started getting weirded out. Heather bought some surveillance cameras,” Joseph Bardi said. But the cameras solved the mystery.

“Lo and behold it was the cat,” Joseph said.

Turns out, Admiral Galacticat doesn’t have to roam too far to commit the crime. One of his victims lives just around the corner. A neighbor’s laundry room wasn’t secure enough to keep him out.

When Casey O’Neal’s stuff started disappearing, he didn’t make a big deal out of it. A few lost socks didn’t bother him that much. But then someone from the area showed him the Facebook post.

“At first I was kind of thinking ‘what kind of idiot lets a cat steal their clothes?’ but then I ended up being that idiot,” O’Neal said. “As soon as she mentioned Nike socks, I was like oh those might be mine.”

But O’Neal quickly forgave his feline neighbor.

“I patted him on the head and said ‘look you got to stop doing that,'” he laughed.

O’Neal plans to secure his laundry door, hoping to end Admiral Galacticat’s burglary ways. At least in his house.

Shaming the culprit

Her security cam even caught Admiral Galacticat red-pawed

Image credits: Heather Bardi

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