We all treasure those little amazing moments with our family pets. Imagine the way they roll around sleepily, wander through the house with their endless curiosity, exploring every corner as if it was brand new or simply go crazy during playtime. Isn’t it just the cutest! But living in the age of social media, it’s not enough to just live them – most of us would gladly capture the adorable moment and show off our precious fluffs on Instagram. After all, who on this earth could resist a cute animal selfie? Not us, certainly. Well, if only all that would be as easy as it sounds. If you tried to take a selfie with your pet just once, you’ll know the struggle. But every problem has a solution, so this one is definitely not an exception. Scroll down below to find out a genius way to get the best selfie!

Most feline owners know the struggle of taking decent selfies with their pets

Image credits: Bubblegum Stuff

If you tried to take a selfie with your cat at least once, we are almost certain this photo seems like a complete utopia to you. And how else could it be when even if the pet is not trying to wiggle itself out of your embrace, the chances of getting it to look straight into the camera most of the time are below zero.

That most of the time ends with a completely random-looking shot anyway

But this guy living in Hong Kong has the perfect solution for all of you cat owners out there

If most of your attempts to take that cute cat photo end up with you looking cute and your pet being randomly stretched across the shot, this entrepreneur currently residing in Hong Kong has a perfect solution that’s gonna save your Instagram feed.

It’s called ‘Cat Selfie Device’ and was made especially for taking selfies with your cat

Courtney Wood Of Bubblegum Stuff has developed quite a few products that could be described as ‘far from usual’ but are simple yet genius. This cat selfie device being one of the best so far and so handy to every feline owner all over the world.

It enables you to avoid your adorable pet wandering away

By getting its attention with this cute little attachment for your phone

Image credits: Bubblegum Stuff

The Cat Selfie Device is a cheeky little gadget that can be simply adjusted on the top of any phone or tablet that has a tiny bell attached in the middle, created to instantly attract the attention of your adorable cat. Talk about perfect cat selfies made easy!

The gadget has a tiny bell that gets the attention of your kitten

Image credits: Bubblegum Stuff

Talk about a purrfect selfie made easy!

Image credits: Bubblegum Stuff

There’s finally an end to self-made constructions to put on your phone in order to get your cat’s attention and endless snapping in front of your phone with your spare hand. Finally, there’s something to quickly pop on your phone and here you go – a perfect shot to post on social media.