Pets are not just cute and fluffy creatures we keep to look nice around the house. They have the ability to become our companions, friends and even healers. It’s true that our beloved four-legged companions can improve our wellbeing and health. But that’s not all of their abilities. From time to time, our pets become our rescuers, too. Take for instance this kitty who saved a toddler’s life!

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People were left astonished after seeing a video of a cat saving a baby from falling down the stairs

Recently, a video emerged posted by ‎DLore Álvarez showing something you don’t see very often. Taken by the security cam, the video captured a child playing on the ground near her crib. Right next to her, on the sofa, a cat was observing the child’s every move.

And then the video shows the reason why no one should ever leave their kids in an unsafe environment alone – the baby started crawling forward towards the open door which led to the staircase.

Luckily, the playful cat acted quickly and interrupted the child by playing with her. Whether intentional or not, it’s clear that if the cat wouldn’t have done that, the toddler would have tumbled down the stairs and sustained serious injuries.

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People rushed to hail the cat as a hero and praise her for her good deed. However, while it’s always nice to see a happy ending in videos like this one, the parents of the child also received some harsh criticism.

Here’s how feline hero looks like!

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Many people became angry at the parents for leaving the child unsupervised with an open door that leads to a flight of stairs. Despite being smart creatures, cats clearly aren’t suitable nannies for human babies.

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Here’s how people reacted