Cats come in many shapes and sizes: some are fluffy, some are slim, some are hyper, and some are sleepy. What it teaches us is that there is no wrong way to be a cat. Barnaby, the hero of today's post, is a fluffy Persian whose key traits are his melancholic eyes, his permanent frown, and a 20-hour sleeping schedule.

Remember that phrase "turn that frown upside down?" Well, Barnaby wears his smile upside down. He surely lives a happy life, yet he looks like a gloomy, bored aristocat. Ah, the woes of a home cat, who would understand them?...

One might think that his face looks very monotonous, but in reality, he can pull off many different looks: he can do a great "I woke up at 6 in the morning" impression, or "I've slept for 20 years, but I want to sleep more" look, or the "permanent bad hair day," and the classic "pleas gib" that's popular among many felines.

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Barnaby is a very reserved, lonesome cat, and prefers to get the pets only when he lets. Aside from his long sleeping scheduling, he likes to lay around in random places of the house, eat food, and just be an all-round normal cat. He's more relatable than you might think!

Barnaby's owner told some extra details to Bored Panda about the melancholic fluffball: “Barnaby will be 5 in May. He was the only cat for a while until we welcomed his little sister last year (Barnaby wasn’t as welcoming). He is very spoiled and likes to sleep about 20 hours a day. He naps on my chair (mom’s) during the day so if I want to sit down, I have to sit on the floor. He only likes to be petted when he’s in the mood. We love him.”

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