Cards Against Humanity, in the words of its creators “Is a game for horrible people, as despicable and awkward as your friends are”. In this party game, everyone gets to ask a question from a black card, while other players can choose their funniest (or most gawky) answer from the white ones.

And if you thought this game couldn’t get any better, there are some pretty cool Cards Against Humanity expansion packs. Such as pride, theater, dad and college packs, relating the possible answers to these themes. The most recent one, though, indulges the needs of Disney fans. The rumors of this expansion pack are now confirmed. So, lo and behold – there’s a Disney Cards Against Humanity, and you can kiss your childhood innocence goodbye.

The cheeky cards include answers like “unreasonably laying claim over everything the light touches” and “Bambi’s dead mother”, making sure its hilarious obscenities aren’t going anywhere. You can buy these cards from a variety of e-shops, though the official Cards Against Humanity website doesn’t sell this pack anymore – so be sure to get it while they’re still out there.

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