What happens when you have to create an advertising project about cars, but you don’t have a crew and have only toy cars (1:43 scale).

I got a referral from Skoda and a Hungarian car magazine to photograph model cars like they would be real. I accepted the challenge!

I really love these situations! Toy photography is special because I can do everything that is in my mind. There are no limits! If I need snow, I make it. If I need rain, desert, streets or anything I can create them!

I spend hours and hours creating miniature scenes with as many real elements as possible (e.g. smoke and dirt). Most of the photos took me 7 to 12 hours each to complete, but one particular shot took a whopping 10 days for set building, concept work, shooting, and post-production.

While it would be easier to fake things like motion blur using Photoshop, I actually captured it on camera – the blur you see in the backgrounds and in the cars’ wheels wasn’t the result of digital manipulation.

I build real scenery and try to turn my imagination into reality. My main principle is that I don’t use Photoshop for manipulation. I do everything in front of the camera (e.g. motion blur, rain, dust, etc). Of course, there are some cases when I can’t avoid this, but I always indicate which parts contain modifications.

After the Skoda project, I have worked on another one with the Mercedes G-Class model (1:18 scale).

You can watch work videos about the images and the bottom of the article you will find a behind the scenes picture collections. I hope you will enjoy it!

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I did many takes to reach the perfect look for the flying dust

Manipulation: wheel motion, car lamps.
Real: everything else.

I built this scenery for days. I made many test pictures with smoke what was a nightmare. I spent hours and hours to blowing the perfect shaped smoke behind the car

Manipulation: car lamps, air dust, sunspot.
Real: everything else.

Here the motion blur is also real. I built a movable asphalt surface while the car was fixated

Manipulation: cloud texture, car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Action shot in the snow

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Playing with perspective. This is one single image mixed with real environment

Everything is real in this photo