Canadian winters are long, dull, and draining. As a result, I started craving the need for bold color in my life. So into the studio I went to create my own early spring. I started off with splashes of bright watercolors. From there, I wanted to create woodland animals that were emerging from their colorful environment -as if they were waking up happily from their long hibernating naps and smelling the fresh spring air for the first time. Naturally, trees had to be present to give more of this feeling, and so I decided to draw them in ink.

These little works brought so much joy into my life and to the lives of my art admirers that they instantly sold out, and so I began creating more.

My latest group of three celebrates the arctic species and their environment, highlighted by the soft colors of the arctic sky and geometric icebergs.

I hope my art brings a smile to your face and makes you excited to welcome in the spring!

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Breathe Easy

Oh Deer!

Bear Necessities

150% Canadian-Made (Happy Birthday Canada!)

Wolf Eyes

Little Lynx

Harp Seal Pup Protection

Foxy Eyes

Don’t Let Me Melt – Cotton Candy Polar Bear

Woodland Animals Series 1 Trio

Woodland Animals Series 2 Trio

Arctic Animals Series 1 Trio