We are human beings and many times we think we are the most important life form in this planet. But if we live with an open mind and an open heart, we will see, we are one life form among many. Many years ago I understood this in my heart. Are we intelligent and smart? Yes of course.

Maybe from some aspects we are the most intelligent lifeform on this planet. But I think this “being smart thing” is not the most important thing in life. We should learn how we can see or feel with our heart. Because we can see just with our mind nowadays. This is the biggest thing that we should change. When we see with our heart and our soul, we will feel the similarity with every being in the world.

The life is the same beneath every form. The forms have just different shapes. Of course when I say form I mean every form, not just physical hard forms like body, I mean the forms of thought,mental structures, habits… We USE animals because we think they are less than we are, but this is not true. We are not the same but we are equal. When I look into their eyes, when I touch their skin, fur, feather, I feel the oneness. We should learn this thing because we create and experience suffering in this beautiful planet as long as we don’t know who we are. We are all LIFE behind the form.

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In Europe and America people love dogs and they call them “pets”.
But some place in the world dogs are livestock, people kill and eat them. We do the same thing with pigs, chickens, cows all around the world.


She landed two meters from me and we were connected :-)
When I finished the images she flew away. It was a very fast and beautiful experience, because this bird is a wild animal but she was friendly and curious.

Little dragonfly

They are good hunters, but they can live in perfect harmony in the nature. I think this is intelligent, isn’t it?


Csibusz is the luckiest male chick I have ever seen.
He found a girl who can see the life behind the form.


Cats have the same story like dogs. In my country they are called pets and the law protects them (in theory). Another part of the world they called livestock and people can torture and kill them and it is legal.


He was my dog, my adopted son. He died some time ago, but he had a life full of love.


Lot of people hate insects because they don’t know them. They aren’t agressive without reason. When they attack, they do it for selfdeffense or hunting for life.

Foxes are beautiful

Foxes are the perfect example for the blindness of human race.
They are very intelligent, beautiful, but the biggest part of the people hate them. In my country they can live in two ways.
In prisons like zoo, and pescecuted

Little goat

When we look with just our mind we can allow to kill child animals.
When we look with our heart, we see this is simply murder.
We kill children because of our conditioning, and because we believe this is normal. They are just children, and they want to live…


What a beautiful face :-)
But in some place of the world people torture, kill and eat dogs like Susannah.
Not because they are evil.
Because they learned “emotional blindness”.
We all learn this kind of blindness, but we can learn to see again. We can see Life behind the forms.
Because we are LIFE behind the form…

What a cute child

In my country chickens are called livestock.
People can kill them, throw them to grinding alive and it is completely legal.
They are just few days ago, but we murder them because of egg industry.
The little male chickens are not useful in the egg industry.
This is the only sin of them, and they pay with their life.