Everyone who’s worked in retail knows how tragically wrong the saying “the customer is always right” can be, but also knows that you usually have to stick to it anyway or get in trouble, with 27% of retail workers saying they would tell customers to treat them with respect if they didn’t feel like there would be negative consequences. Last week, in a rare occurrence, a Target employee was vindicated when one entitled customer tried to take his case to Twitter and got firmly told that he had chosen the wrong hill to die on.

The customer, who is verified by Twitter as a journalist but was apparently seriously lacking in reading comprehension that day, interpreted a placeholder price sticker on the piece of plastic used to display a top-of-the-line electric toothbrush as the price of the product. The unimpressed employee he went to with the discrepancy wasn’t having any of it, even as he snapped a picture of her and got the police involved. Speaking up about the situation on Twitter didn’t help his cause either, as the community firmly took the side of the employee and even decided she deserved a vacation just for dealing with him.

This guy tried to get all of Twitter and the police involved over a price tag mix-up at Target

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Commenters stated that the dissatisfied customer wouldn’t have much legal ground to stand on by arguing that the electric toothbrush, which usually runs between $90 and $150, was on sale for a single cent. While some guessed that it was an obvious misprint, others with retail experience pointed out that what he (and the equally unobservant police he claims to have as witnesses) was seeing was a sticker placed on the plastic display to keep track of shelf space in the store’s system.

People were not sympathetic to his side of the story

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But it doesn’t end there! The community of Twitter thought the poor employee who had to deal with his nonsense deserved a vacation for all that, leading someone to start a GoFundMe that has racked up almost $30,000 just over the weekend.

The person who started the GoFundMe and the Target employee herself confirmed that the account had been transferred to her. While one Twitter user commented that it was great to see so many people of differing political views showing support for the worker (a conservative meme page started the fundraiser,) that might present a dilemma for Tori, who is contemplating where to donate the money rather than putting it all away for herself.

The people of Twitter got together to give “Target Tori” a vacation

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