Pittsburgh-based graphic designer Don Moyer has come up with an awesome series of porcelain dinner plates called “Calamityware” that update this highly traditional and historical art form and craft for the modern era.

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From a distance, Moyer’s plates might look like traditional painstakingly painted blue porcelain plates. But the scenes depicted in the center are anything but traditional – rampaging deep-sea monstrosities, aliens with lasers, and flying monkeys are just a few of the bizarre doomsday scenarios (or calamities) that Moyer dreamed up and drew for his cute and funny plate series.

In his Kickstarter video, Moyer says that the traditional Asian scenes on plates like these were “a little too tranquil for modern tastes, right? Wouldn’t we all prefer to see more drama? Perhaps a swarm of bats or a sasquatch… Imagine having dinner and finding this bad boy behind your fish sticks.” Moyer is selling plates from his previous Kickstarter campaigns on his online store.

There seems to be a growing tendency among certain artists to try and refresh the art and craft of porcelain making. Evelyn Bracklow and Livia Marin are two other artists who distort and reuse traditional porcelain forms and decorations in their work.

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