They’re sweet. They’re cute. They’re to die for. I could be talking about either cakes or doggos, but in this case, I’m talking about a combination of both!

Darci from Canmore in Alberta, Canada, is an expert at designing and baking custom cakes for weddings and various other events. The internet was blown away when it landed its gaze on some of her cakes involving tiny miniature dogs who just couldn’t help themselves and had a bite out of the professional pastry pieces. We've collected Darci's best cakes into this list, so scroll down, upvote the ones you like best, and leave us a comment (or two!) with your thoughts somewhere below. Scroll down for Bored Panda's exclusive interview with the talented Darci!

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Bored Panda interviewed Darci about her craft and the inspiration behind her cakes: "I’ve been doing cakes for 3 years, depending on the design the cakes take an average of 2-3 days plus sometimes additional days of prep."

"My cakes are pretty simple. I love simple modern looks that look more effortless then done up. I care more about the cake inside then the looks," Darci revealed.

"The golden retriever cake was for a wedding planner that is local here (Rocky Mountain weddings) and her clients wanted their dog to be pet of the day! I also have a dog that is newly adopted, his name is Kiwi and he is 14. He is my life and I think including fur babies into cakes is a fantastic idea! Everyone should do it!"

The baker really showed off her imagination by making cakes with doggos whose snouts were covered in delicious cake. The cake-scenes look natural and the guilty look in the dogs eyes’ looks almost lifelike. I’m sure most of us have seen that same look in many a dog’s eyes after it’s eaten something it really should have kept its paws off.

Darci’s bakery called Kake has a massive 11,500 followers on Instagram, as well as 2,082 fans on Facebook. The photo of one of Darci’s doggo-cakes got over 2,700 likes on Instagram, while another one got 600 in less than 9 hours.

According to Darci’s website, all the bakery’s cakes and buttercream are made from scratch, using flour, milk, eggs, and butter.

“All of our cakes come a standard 4 inches high. They contain 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling,” Darci writes about her delicious baked goods. “When you are putting together your cake, the filling and the cake flavour will not be seen, except on naked cakes. For example, if you decide on a chocolate cake, with strawberry buttercream filling, the cake will still appear a soft ivory as we typically use vanilla buttercream on the outside of the cake.”

Now, we know that Darci put tiny doggos on her cakes, but in reality, it’s not the best dessert for man’s best friend. We all know that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so chocolate cakes are obviously out of the question.

But what if a cake doesn’t have an ounce of choco in it? Rover writes that cakes are full of ingredients that aren’t healthy for dogs, like sugar, fats, and wheat. In the best-case scenario, these are ‘empty calories’ your dog is eating; in the worst-case scenario, the cake could upset your four-legged amigo’s stomach or even trigger an allergic reaction.

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