A bunny eating a carrot sounds exactly like something you’d see in a weekend morning cartoon straight out of your childhood. Unless you live in Canada!

The Bryant family, from the Cambrian Heights suburb in Calgary, made our morning after they posted a video that showed a bunny nibbling on a snowman’s carrot.

The hungry bunny, which is as tall and as white as the snowman built by the Bryants, seemed like it was enjoying the tasty decorative treat immensely. And now we’re wondering what happened to all of the carrots that we stuck in our snowmen’s faces over all these years. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be keeping a closer watch with our cameras ready from now on.

Bored Panda has reached out to the Canadian bunny via Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and is currently awaiting further comment.

This video of a bunny eating a snowman’s carrot nose is bound to make your day brighter and your Christmas even merrier

Mr. Snowman, meet Bunny. Bunny, meet Mr. Snowman

Image credits: Hannah B

Little snow kisses…

…that turned into nibbling. Nom nom nom

Image credits: Hannah B

There was barely anything left

The famished bunny eventually devoured the entire carrot, leaving only a small chunk behind. (We like to think it’s for any other critters that come by, but the animal may simply have been full.)

The video, which had over 61.7k views at the time of writing, was so cute, it was featured on the news, including on CBC and NBC.

CBC reports that Sheila Bryant filmed the bunny with her phone after she saw it come near the snowman and stand on its back legs. Hannah Bryant took the opportunity to take a few pictures, meanwhile, as the family watched the magical scene take place in the snow outside their home.

While the sight is incredibly wholesome, keep in mind that carrots shouldn’t be a rabbit or hare’s main source of food. The RSPCA explains that rabbits “don’t naturally eat root vegetables” or fruit.

They’re full of sugar and should be treated like, well, treats and given only in small amounts as rewards. If you’ve got a bunny at home, opt for grass, hay, leafy greens, or some food pellets. Not necessarily served inside a snowman, of course.

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