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Building Cardboard City
User submission
DIY7 years ago

Building Cardboard City

Due to the fact i was forced to leave my home town on business purpose i created my own city by using cardboard moving boxes.

It took me 3 month and a lot of help from my friends. The city spreads over 250 square meters.

The final result will be a music video for the band Gorilladisco and can be seen in a few weeks on, facebook and so on. In the meantime you can have a look at some of the making of pictures. The band keeps updating a making of folder on their facebook channel.

Big thanks to for directing the video and producing it!!!

Stay tuned.

More info: Facebook

Cardboard city made from moving boxes

Cardboard City top shot

Cardboard City. Final adjustments.

screenshot train

taken from a video sequence

screenshot cars

taken from a video sequence

screenshot gorilla

taken from a video sequence

screenshot explosions

no concrete jungle without cars

there are also trees and benches

It’s all about the details

getting closer

Cardboard City. Where it all began.

Tryout version in a much smaller hall.

green screen starts where architecture ends

Just for a couple of scenes greenscreen was indispensable.


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