I'm a 25-year-old South Korean girl based in Rome, currently looking for a creative job and editing photos as a hobby. Until a few months ago I could have never thought I would find myself making photos of bubbles and flowers as I've never been particularly fond of bubbles or have a thing for bubbles - so I'm happy to be able to share how I started editing this kind of photos.

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Everything started when I got myself an iPhone 6s and I started taking pictures for the sole purpose of editing them. I mostly took photos of nature, flowers and landscapes.

What I've always loved in the editing process is that I can reproduce the "moods" and the colours I see or imagine when taking the photo itself. One day I took a photo of a soap bubble on my hand without any particular idea in my mind and just edited it combining it with a flower.

I thought they suited with each other and I liked it. As I started receiving messages from some followers asking me to make more bubbles photos, I felt like I had to keep creating them for them too, so I ended up editing more bubbles photos than any other type of photo.

I love editing bubbles and flowers together; sometimes I feel like I'm discovering myself. The elements I use in my photos are all real: my hand, a bubble, flowers I photographed and the sunlight. I like editing them because they're positive, whereas I'm a person who tends to be negative. I like them because I noticed some people can feel the same positivity and the "magic" I put in them. I like editng them because I feel like I can share something positive, something I find pretty and which comes from me, with the world.

I am grateful towards all those who appreciated my photos and encouraged me to create more of them.

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