Most of us who grew up having siblings know how special and unique the connection bonding brothers and sisters truly is. You can get annoyed or get mad at them, but deep down, you know that you won’t ever stop loving them to absolute pieces. And in spite of everything, you always want them to be happy. The video you’re about to watch portrays that perfectly.

Recently, a guy named Will Claussen posted a heartwarming video on Facebook in which he asked his little brother Henry, who has Down syndrome, to be his best man at his upcoming wedding.

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Here’s the footage captured by Will’s future wife

Video credits: Will Claussen

Henry discovers something with his metal detector and because of that, in the video, you can see him shoveling the ground. After a few moments, Henry digs up a glass bottle with a message inside, which, he thinks, is some kind of prank.

In the beginning, Henry seems quite confused

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The brother helps Henry take the note out of the bottle asks him to read it. “Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my very BEST frand, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?” Henry reads out loud. After reading it, Henry instantly lights up.

The little bro’s reaction is absolutely priceless

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Turns out, both of the brothers live in Minnesota and they’ve been inseparable their whole lives. According to In The Know, Will was the very first person to understand Henry when he first spoke and, because of that, they formed a special connection.

“He loves metal detecting so I knew this was a no-brainer and he had no clue it was coming”


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“He has the sweetest soul and has never said a bad word about anyone, so it was a no-brainer for him to be my best man,” Will told In The Know.

The video of him asking Henry to be his best man has since gone viral. Will told In The Know that seeing the response to his video has been “absolutely nuts.”

The brothers have been inseparable their whole lives


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“Henry and I are very humbled by all the kind words and comments to the point where it’s been hard to wrap our head around. We are grateful,” Will told In The Know.


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