In today’s world it is normal have our social masks, especially in social media. The Fite Street Art group, create by Will Ferreira and Michel Japs, shows in their work beyond the reality of the Brazilian people, but also the mask behind the personality of us.

Will Ferreira is self-taught, started drawing early inspired by the comic book characters like Spawn, developed his Graffiti technique, becoming years later one of the most known graffiti in the city of Sorocaba in São Paulo. Will also makes sculptures, paintings, draws on skateboard shapes and create digital painting too. Michel Japs, degree in Graphic Design in Sorocaba Univercity, always been linked to urban culture, he like Hip Hop, skateboarding and started doing graffiti in 2004 after a workshop offered at your school. Michel Japs also creates prints for shirts and even furniture.

With diversified work, the group Fite makes graffiti not only in the streets, but creates images in commercials and even home environments using a wide variety of materials without losing their identity and originality.

This is my first post here, I hope you like it!

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