New York-based artist Maude White is back with some new meticulously crafted paper illustrations. Believe it or not, but these awe-inspiring paper cuttings are made entirely by hand, using only a craft knife.

We wrote about White a short while ago and we’re happy to see that the artist has already created a handful of new works. The paper artist is faithful to her trademark thin lines that swirl and bend around, creating dream-like images, where paper often stands for the negative space.

“When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath,” explains White in her artist’s statement. “With paper cutting there are so many opportunities to create negative space that tells its own story. Letting the observer become present in the piece allows him or her to look through it.”

Be sure to check out White’s portfolio on her website and Etsy shop through the links provided below.

More info: | Etsy | Facebook (h/t: colossal)